Cocorent’s electric scooters at Hotel Farah in Tangiers, Morocco

After the openings of our selling and rental offices for our scooters in Saïda and Marrakech, the luxurious Hotel Farah in Tangiers decided to trust us.

Like we announced a few weeks ago, Cocorent experiences great success in Morocco. Indeed, our scooters make tourists looking for freedom of transportation in large cities very happy.


Scooter rental in Tangiers, Morocco

You can now find the excellent Cocorent electric scooters to enjoy the magnificent city of Tangiers at 200%.

Second most important economic city of Morocco, with a little less than one million inhabitants, Tangiers welcomes thousands of tourists every year. Located very close to Spain, the city experiences spectacular growth since the 2000s.

In the heart of this historic city you will find the magnificent Hotel Farah. With view on the Mediterranean, it is a safe haven offering 5 star services to its guests.

Because the 5 star Hotel Farah is located only 10 minutes from the city center, you will have the choice between many means of transportation.

And Hotel Farah chose one of the best vehicles there is on the Mediterranean coastline: the scooter! Nothing like it to make tourists looking for adventure and a change of scenery happy.

The exhilarating sensations provided by Cocorent’s electric scooters will let you enjoy a taste of freedom you will not soon forget!


Hotel Farah in Tangiers

Website: Hôtel Farah Tanger

Phone: +212 5 39 34 35 50

Address :

Hotel Farah Tanger
Zone touristique El Ghandouri

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