An electric scooter for shopping!

COCORENT ® is a network of franchisees passionate about the means of locomotion electrical, ecological and urban!

Do you live in the city and are tired of losing time on foot? In public transport? Worse … by car?

So COCORENT ® is the solution with its range of electric scooters to buy or rent!

Shopping in a scooter Cocorent®: the summary in 3 photos!

  1. Do your shopping in the supermarket and put your shopping bag on your scooter.Faites vos courses en scooter électrique
  2. You cook


3. You taste!

cuisine en ayant fait ses courses à scooter électrique

The advantages of the electric scooter in town

Electric scooters are booming this year and are becoming one of the best urban transportation solutions. Indeed, they answer the problems that we encounter in the city: pollution, cork, waste of time … In addition, shopping by public transport is a real ordeal and take his car to go to the supermarket is well often a huge waste of time.

And if you’re on vacation, it’s even worse. Often you do not have a car and will move on foot. While with a scooter, you can move quickly everywhere to visit, go to the restaurant or go shopping.

This is why the scooter is very useful if you live in town or if you are on holiday in a tourist town.

Here are some advantages:

It is ecological, silent and does not pollute.
It is fast, stable, easy to handle and moose (in any case, those of Cocorent ®: take a look for example at our range of LEA scooters).

  • You can be two on it.
  • It will cost you less than a car.
  • You will have access to the city centers!
  • You save time to park.
  • etc.

In short, for simple and fast shopping, the electric scooter Cocorent ® is really a good solution. You will save time to go to the supermarket for example.

Vente Location e-scooter Léa By Cocorent

How to choose an electric scooter?

To choose your electric scooter, we advise you to go to one of our points of our franchise network or to contact us directly by email.

You can then decide for your scooter:

  • Take it for rent or buy it.
  • Choose your cubic capacity
  • Choose the range of scooter and opt for the style that suits you!
  • For the more athletic, you can opt for an urban electric bike, such as the ebike of our range SOHAN.

Ebike Cocorent

Finally, COCORENT is established in several European countries and establishes itself in big cities.

Our team speaks French, English, Italian and Portuguese so do not hesitate to contact us: contact COCORENT.

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Phone: +351 282 788 038


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